Goodnight Fortnite Reviews

If you have read my book and wish to leave a review it would be greatly appreciated.

Here are a few reviews from others:

“Hi guys! I was scrolling Amazon and stumbled upon one of the most creative children’s books I’ve ever scene. Goodnight Fortnite Book by Sean Percival is a Parody to make your kids put the game controllers down and go to bed!”

Gina Schweppe

“I got this book for my son for Christmas. He is 12 and even though it is written as a child book he loves it. He reads it to his younger nieces and nephew. Great book and so fun to read. If you have a Fortnite player in your life this book will be a hit.”


“My son really loved this book! He asks for it every night before bed now. Since he is too young to play much Fortnite this is a great way for him to enjoy some of the action without the late night screen time.”

shah arizal

“We got this as a gift for our grandkids (on my mom side since she had many sibling and i become a gandma at young age?) that stayed with us during this holiday season. He very addict to phone and he can already know how to spell and read at young age. This book is really good for him. Not too much word for beginner like him and we noticed that he seems like enjoyed it. And it’s been few times that he open the book to read and read again. The book is good in size and nice artwork. It had 50 pages but very easy to ready for a kids. Good for bedtime reading as well as i read this book with them on the first day i bought this book. Really good and helpful for bonding time.”


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