Goodnight Fortnite

A parody to make them stop playing and go to bed

A modern take on the classic children’s bedtime story set in the world of Fortnite. A goodnight story to help kids put the controller down and even settle down. All while still getting to hear a story about their favorite Fortnite characters and Battle Royale action.

Who this book is for


Of kids who play wayyyy too much Fortnite

Fortnite Fans

Makes a great gift for Fortnite players


It’s a safe and fun bedtime story for all ages

What people are saying

The art of Goodnight Fortnite

Included throughout the book are over a dozen original illustrations.

About the Author

Sean Percival is an author, investor, and entrepreneur from California. He wrote and dedicated this book to his son Quinn to help with less screen time at night while still enjoying Fortnite adventures.