Fortnite Community, Let’s Try To Be Better. (Fortnite Battle Royale)

I genuninely enjoy being a part of the Fortnite community. I know it’s not a positive experience 24/7, I don’t believe any community is like that, but because of the scale of how big the community has gotten, the toxicity of the community grows louder and more undeniable. I want to reiterate what I said in the video: I don’t believe the entire Fortnite community is toxic, but I do feel as though that a lot of the vocal minority are. It paints a bad picture on the game and on it’s community. While I never try to talk about the negative side of the community, due to thinking that if I talk about it, I’d be adding fuel to the fire, I just want to focus on the positive parts of the community first and foremost, and not give toxic influences a platform. I feel like a lot of the kids that are toxic to each other online are inspired by bigger pro players and other influences that are not positive for the community. I just want the community to do better, and I wish the bigger influences in the Fortnite community were more of a positive role model.

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